Record Provisions & FCA Fines: A £426M Lesson in Consumer Duty

 Our speakers:

  • Andy Johnston, Board Adviser, Aveni
    Jana Sivananthan, CRO, 7IM

A slew of Dear CEO letters and recent eye watering provisions has sent shockwaves through the wealth and advice industry. Rising compliance costs threaten to widen the advice gap, while the pressure to demonstrate Consumer Duty fulfillment adds another layer of complexity.

This webinar dives deep into the practical implications of these developments for the bigger wealth and advice players. We'll explore:

  • The Impact on M&A Activity: How will consolidation strategies adapt to the new regulatory environment? 

    Pricing & Cost Implications: Will the industry shift towards new pricing models? We discuss potential fee increases and how it affects the advice gap.

    Technology & Compliance Solutions: Explore how technology can streamline compliance processes and reduce burdens. 

    Operating Practices & The Future State: We analyse the practical implications of the landmark ruling and the FCA's focus on Consumer Duty.

Through expert insights and real-world scenarios, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. Gain actionable steps to adapt your business practices, optimise costs, and ensure compliance with the Consumer Duty and future FCA expectations.

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 Jana Sivananthan, CRO, 7IM

Jana joined 7IM as the company's first Chief Risk Officer in February 2022, possessing more than 20 years’ worth of experience, having previously held a number of senior roles at leading financial services firms.

As Chief Risk Officer, Jana is responsible for the company’s risk management functions, ensuring the strategic objectives align with risk appetite and proportionally managing the risk of harm to clients, the firm and their people.  


Andy Johnston, Board Adviser, Aveni

Andrew brings 25 years’ experience in the asset and wealth management industry. Andrew previously held senior positions at Standard Life Aberdeen plc, including Group Chief Marketing Officer and Global Head of Strategic Clients. He is also an experienced independent non-executive director and adviser.