AI: Why an executive understanding is so important

As a Board or Executive team member, how good is your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is, or isn’t being used in your financial services firm?  Are you confident you know what AI is, where pitfalls may lie and how it could enhance your business?

World-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) scientist, Dr Lexi Birch and Aveni COO, Jamie Hunter discuss:

  • What is AI: separating fact from fiction
  • The main applications of AI within Financial Services
  • Will it really bring change to my business and when?
  • The human factor - why your people remain imperative

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Level-up your knowledge

Data-driven technologies underpinned by rapidly evolving AI, are set to be placed at the heart of firms’ operating models.  It is the responsibility of Executives to have a good understanding of AI if they are to competently discuss and authorise implementation plans.  

Your webinar host: Dr Lexi Birch

Dr Lexi Birch is Head of Aveni Labs, a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, and consistently ranked as one of the top 100 NLP engineers in the world.

In this exclusive webinar for Board and Senior Executives, you'll have an opportunity to learn about the practical applications of AI in financial services, its challenges, data ethics and what to expect at each stage of the AI maturity curve.  

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