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Powering Consumer Duty compliance with a
Machine Line of Defence

Automatic machine assessment of 100% of your customer interactions to drive deeper insights, actionable outcomes and meet data-driven regulatory controls.


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Consumer Duty: The Chief Risk Officer Survey Results

Get unique insights into what +80 CROs across the UK are prioritising in order to meet tightening Consumer Duty regulations.
ee how we achieved 6x greater speed for Key's QA team

Auto QA: Human-informed automation at its best

Aveni is the only speech-driven solution on the market that focuses exclusively on machine automation of the QA process using your company’s specific QA forms and terminology. Auto QA of all your customer interactions means you can meet Consumer Duty requirements, increase coverage, boost efficiency, enhance executive oversight, improve complaints handling and much more.  

See how we achieved 6x greater speed for Key's QA team

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Powering insight and efficiency across the board.

To meet the FCA's Duty, firms will need better ways to draw insights from customer and agent data. Aveni Detect surfaces not just insights across all interactions, but offers actionable outcomes that impact multiple areas of a business, effectively becoming the 'Central Nervous System' of your customer operations. 

See why QA should become the central nervous system of your company

Consumer Duty the Solution Series.

Joseph Twigg, Aveni's CEO, will be hosting a series of webinars over the coming months, addressing the practical aspects of the FCA's Consumer Duty, what firms need to do to meet requirements and the surprising opportunities these regulations could unlock.

  • 5th Jul 2022: 3 risks firms need to address now to comply with Duty requirements >> watch the recording
  • 13th Sep 2022: What does a data-driven regulator expect from you? >>watch the recording
  • 15th Dec 2022: Consumer Duty: The CRO Survey results 
  • Feb 2023: Consumer Duty: bringing opportunity to your business
  • Apr 2023: Meeting Consumer Duty requirements with a machine line of defence
  • Jun 2023: Consumer Duty Solutions: Meet the experts. 
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FREE: Aveni Diagnostic

Use Aveni's 'Machine Line of Defence' to test your data, understand customer vulnerability gaps in your MI, and how to achieve Consumer Duty compliance. 


Consumer Duty: Why technology is the only way to meet duty obligations

This report explains how speech analytics can be practically applied by firms to achieve their Duty requirements by July 2023 as well as drive improvements in multiple areas of their business.
ee how we achieved 6x greater speed for Key's QA team

"We embrace innovation at Key, and our partnership with Aveni demonstrates our commitment to using technology to consistently improve the quality of our advice, and ensure we continue to lead the market in how we support our clients."

- Will Hale, CEO, Key