An Introduction to ChatGPT and Large Language Models in Financial Advice

Watch our webinar to look beyond the hype and learn how ChatGPT and Bard can help you deliver scalability, operational efficiency and service levels completely out of reach of traditional operating models.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our experts as they help you understand the opportunities and risks surrounding the use of Large Language Models within Financial Advice now, and in the near future!

They cover:

  • • What Large Language Models are and how they work
  • • The opportunities and risks surrounding the use of LLMs within financial advice now and in the near future
  • • A look at how Aveni is using LLMs within our Aveni •Assist platform to bring tangible benefits to Financial Advisors

Our speakers:

  • Joseph Twigg, CEO Aveni
  • Iria del Rio, Lead NLP Engineer, Aveni

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Our speakers:

Joseph Twigg
CEO, Aveni


Joseph Twigg is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of, a cutting-edge regtech company specialising in NLP solutions for the Financial Services industry. Prior to founding Aveni, Joseph spent 15 years working in the Investment Industry in Edinburgh and London, laterally as the Global Head of Strategy and Business Management for Aberdeen Standard Investments.


Iria del Rio
Lead NLP Engineer, Aveni

Iria headshot

Iria del Rio started her career at the University of Santiago de Compostela with a PhD in Linguistics.  She has worked in academia and industry over the past 15 years, developing NLP resources and tools, focussing on extracting the most from linguistic data.




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