AI 101: Understanding AI in FS

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Feeling overwhelmed by the jargon and hype surrounding AI? Do you feel like the train has left the station and you’re still on the platform?  This live Q&A bootcamp is your crash course in AI fundamentals in financial services. Get clear, concise answers to your most pressing questions about AI technology, its applications in FS, and the practical steps you can take to implement it in your own practice. Leave this session with a solid understanding of AI basics and the confidence to start exploring its potential for your clients and business.

No question is off-limits. Whether it’s completely back to basics or about generative AI, algorithms, machine learning, or other complex concepts - get clear, actionable answers from our industry experts. This interactive session will help you cut through the noise, understand the key terms, and confidently discuss AI with your clients and colleagues.

Our speakers:

  • Joseph Twigg, CEO Aveni
  • Iria del Rio, Lead NLP Engineer, Aveni
    Robbie Homer-Plews, CCO, Aveni

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Our speakers:

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Joseph Twigg is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of Aveni.ai, a cutting-edge Regtech company specialising in NLP solutions for the Financial Services industry. Prior to founding Aveni, Joseph spent 15 years working in the Investment Industry in Edinburgh and London, laterally as the Global Head of Strategy and Business Management for Aberdeen Standard Investments.


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Iria del Rio started her career at the University of Santiago de Compostela with a PhD in Linguistics.  She has worked in academia and industry over the past 15 years, developing NLP resources and tools, focussing on extracting the most from linguistic data.





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After completing a Master's degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Robbie built over 7 years experience working in the investment industry focusing on delivering value across the financial advice chain, latterly as a Solution Design Lead at wrap platform Nucleus Financial.